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The art of Murray Walker

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Sydney : The Beagle Press, 2022. Quarto, boards in dustjacket, pp. 180, illustrated. New copy.

Murray Walker (b. 1937 ) is a distinguished printmaker, a significant and recognised painter, a pioneering assemblage sculptor and collage artist, a ceramicist, a prolific tapestry designer and a nationally renowned and widely published authority on Australian colonial arts. His art is tough, challenging, at times unpalatable and frequently unfashionable. There is a visual curiosity, excitement and intensity in his art and a certain ‘compression’ where something that initially looks simple and directly engages the eye, on further viewing, becomes immensely complex, cerebral and in need of close and prolonged contemplation. Once you allow yourself to enter the world of Murray Walker you will be surprised, amused, horrified, delighted and inspired. Murray Walker recycles, copies, steals and reclaims that which came before him to create a new reality, one which distinctly bears his hallmark, but retains traces of earlier makers. As an artist, he is a boundary rider, one who embraces street art, graffiti and folk crafts, yet remains an old-fashioned maker of beautifully crafted pictures that are anchored in the conventions of the old masters.