# 22515


The Bouquet of Sydney.

Hamburg : C. Adler, before 1868. Envelope with lithographed view of Sydney, lettered in gold, 86 x 142 mm, fine.

The rare illustrated envelope for Adler’s Bouquet of Sydney, a highly ephemeral piece bearing a view of Sydney from the North Shore.

Adler’s Printing Establishment in Hamburg published over 100 Souvenir Roses in the 1850s and 1860s, commencing with Roses for London and The Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition of 1851 and extending to numerous European and selected colonial cities. Some Souvenirs took the shape of another flower, such as the Caledonian Roses (there were two), presented in the form of a thistle. Adler printed Souvenir Roses for Melbourne (two versions), Brisbane and Sydney; of the latter, there are only two examples recorded in Australian collections, one in the shape of a rose (National Library of Australia, PIC Drawer 2411 #PIC/8499), and one in the shape of a waratah (State Library of New South Wales, PXA 1939). It appears that neither example is accompanied by its original envelope.

An advertisement in The Sydney Morning Herald dated 28 February 1868 announces the availability of one of these souvenirs: ‘THE BOUQUET OF SYDNEY, containing 27 views of Sydney and Harbour, beautifully Illuminated and folded in the form of a Waratah. Price 2s 6d’. It seems likely the Souvenir in the form of a rose was issued first, before the printing firm decided to also issue an example in the form of the Australian native flower.

The Bouquet of Sydney envelope appears unrecorded in Australian collections.