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The Leighton Gallery of Art. Inaugural Exhibition of watercolours – etchings – oils – china – bronzes etc.

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Gems of the leading English an Continental artists. Melbourne : Leighton Gallery, 1937. Octavo, illustrated wrappers, punched holes for filing, pp. 4, catalogue of 192 works by artists Charles Conder, W. Russell Flint, Dame Laura Knight, T.C. Dugdale, Basil Jonzen, Edith M. Garner, W. Lee Hankey, Henry Haley, Jacob Epstein, Tom Nash, Claude Flight, Arthur W. Burgess, Riaak, A. Knighton Hammond, W. Hoggatt, Standley Anderson. D. Boulton, M. Fairclough, Agnes Miller Parker, Orovida, Vernon Stokes, Iain Macnab, Clara Klinghoffer, C.R.W. Nevinson, the late Sir William Orpen, Ethel Gabain, John Copley.