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Photographer unknown.

The Marvellous feat of Little Western, American dory boat,

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16 1/2 feet long, keel 13 1/2 feet, width 6 1/2 feet, depth 2 1/2 feet, manned by Fred. Norman, native of Norway, and George Thomas, native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, both citizens of New York. Little Western sailed from Gloucester, Mass., the 12th June for London, and accomplished the perilous voyage across the Atlantic in 43 days. She is the smallest boat that has ever carried greetings from the New World to the Old, performing the voyage in the shortest time on record. [Title from printed caption verso]. Albumen print photograph, carte de visite format, 73 x 54 mm (image), 104 x 63 mm (mount); no photographer’s or publisher’s imprint; verso with printed text; both the albumen print and mount are in good condition.

Norman and Thomas achieved their feat of crossing the Atlantic in the tiny sailing vessel Little Western during the summer months of 1880. Presumably this carte de visite shows them in their boat somewhere on the Thames near London.