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[MARITIME] Manuscript documents relating to the prize San Cristoforo, captured by HMS Anson, 1804

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The Spanish ship San Cristoforo was captured in the Mediterranean by HMS Anson, under the command of William Cracraft, on December 8 1804. She was carrying a cargo of hides and other products from Montevideo in the New World and was bound for Barcelona. The Anson was at the time acting independently of the rest of the British fleet, under the specific orders of Lord Viscount Nelson, and after the capture Cracraft sent the Spanish ship to Malta, where the value of the prize was assessed. The Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court of the island of Malta determined in April 1805 that the ship's cargo be sold at Malta. The proceeds of the sale of goods – a sum of £12,133 – was remitted in bills to the Bank of England.

1. 1806. May 29. King's Warrant. Grant of two-thirds of the Proceeds of the Spanish Ship San Cristoforo and her Cargo, and one quarter of the Bullion if any to the Captain, Officers and Crew of His Majesty's Ship Anson. Single folio sheet, folded into 4 sides; large signature of George III at the head; some tears along the fold lines, otherwise fine. This document records the royal decision to grant a large portion of the prize San Cristoforo to its captors, with any unclaimed shares of the prize to be given to the Greenwich Hospital.

2. 1806. June 13. The copy of the Power of Attorney from the officers & crew of HMS Anson to John Scott & others – omitting the Signatures, by the direction or advice of Mr. Kaye. Single folio sheet, folded into 4 sides, several pinholes, otherwise fine. 'Know all Men by these Presents that We who have hereunto set our Hands & Seals being the Admiral, Captain, Officers, Seamen & others, now or late belonging to His Majesty's Ship Anson, have constituted and appointed, & do hereby constitute authorize and appoint John Scott, Patrick Wilkie, William Ely Cook & James Cutforth Esqrs, jointly & severally to be our true & lawful Attorneys & Agents for us, in our Names & to our uses, to solicit, transact, & take care of all our Concern & Interest in any Prize or Prizes Seizures or Recaptures that have been or shall be taken seized retaken or destroyed by the said Ship or to which we are or shall be entitled by any means whatsoever and in all Head Money or other Money arising from such Capture and Interests, giving and hereby granting  to our said Attorneys & Agents our full Power and Authority in the Premises for Inventory-ing Appraising Condemning and selling the said Prize or Prizes Seizures & Recaptures, their Cargoes Tackle Guns Apparel & Furniture and for receiving the Money arising thereon and also the said Head Money by Bill, made out by the Honourable Commisssioners of His Majesty's Navy & our several Shares of the whole & for recovering obtaining compounding & discharging te same & generally to do & act for us & for our Use & Safety as fully and effectually to all Intents & Purposes as we ourselves might or could do collectively or separately being personally present Acquittances and Releases & other Discharges to make and grant ratifying & confirming all & whatsoever our said Attorneys & Agents or Substitutes shall lawfully do or come to be done in the Premises by Virtue of these Presents. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our Hands & Seals the twenty ninth day of December in the year of our Lord 1804 & in the Forty fifth year of our Sovereign Lord, King George the 3rd. Sealed & Delivered in the Presence of us at Sea. W.E. Cracraft, Captn.; Wm. Christrop, Master; T. West, Purser. / This Letter of Attorney is registered in His Majesty's High Court of Admiralty of England. Witness my Hand the 13th Day of June 1806. Rt. Jenner one of the Depy. Regrs. / Also registered for the Prize called Saint Christoforo which Ship & Cargo were in His Majesty's Vice Admiralty Court at Malta on the 6th April 1805 condemned as good & lawful Prize to His Majesty taken prior to Hostilities against Spain by His Majesty's Ship of War the Anson William Edward Cracraft Esqr. Commander. Witness my Hand the 13th June 1806. Rt. Jenner one of the Depy. Regrs.'

3. 1806. July 10. 'Extracted from the Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Admiralty of England. / Thursday the tenth day of July in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and six Before the Worshipful Herbert Jenner, Doctor of Law and Surrogate in his Chambers in Doctors' Comons London, Present Robert Jenner Notary Public one of the Deputy Registrars. / Saint Cristoforo (Spanish) : Robert Jenner one of the Deputy Registrars alledged that he had received of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England the Sum of Four thousand and forty four Pounds six Shillings and five Pence – one third of the Proceeds of the said Ship and Cargo in pursuance of a Warrant under His Majesty's Royal Sign Manual. Arden, Registrar.' Single folio sheet, folded into 4 sides, fine.