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The Wedding : directed by Kerry Dwyer

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[Drop title]. Darlinghurst, NSW : Sydney Filmmakers Co-Operative Ltd., [1980]. Broadsheet, 290 x 205 mm, printed on both sides; some creasing at bottom edge.

‘It is a patriarchal myth that marriage is created by and for women. Bruno, Kaspar, Aaron and Max rush about behaving absurdly in their attempt either to flee from a bride or to find one and possess it, but they do so at their peril. A woman’s eye view of this boys’ game shows us that if men deny the reality and humanity of women, then the comedy inevitably becomes tragedy….’

The cast of Kerry Dwyer’s film included two actors destined to become household names: Geoffrey Rush and Noni Hazelhurst.

Promotional flyer, published by the film’s distributor.