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BEARDSLEY, Aubrey et al.

The Yellow Book : an illustrated quarterly.

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London : Elkin Mathews & John Lane; Boston, MA: Copeland & Day, 1894 – 97. Thirteen volumes, octavo, Vol. 1: 272 (reprint with “April” corrected on front cover) (Winifred & Leonard Carpenter bookplate); Vol. 2, reprint, (362) pp. without publisher’s ads (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. 3, first edition, (280), 6 pp. of ads (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. IV, first edition, (286), index to publisher’s announcements, ads 16, ads 15, [1 blank] pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. V, 317, [1 blank], 4 ads, 16 ads, 6 pp. describing contents of The Yellow Book] (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. VI; first edition, 335, [1 blank], 16 ads pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. VII, “Second Edition” stamped on front cover, (320), 7, [1 blank] ads, 16 ads pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. VIII, first edition, (406, 8 ads, 16 ads pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. IX, 256, [2], 4 ads, 16 ads, (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. X, First edition, 344, 6, ads, 16 ads pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. XI, reprint, 342 pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. XII, First Edition, 344, 12 ads pp. (Carpenter bookplate); Vol. XIII, (318) pp. (Carpenter bookplate). Illustrations throughout; text clean, unmarked. Black-stamped yellow cloth; spines occasionally faded, varying amounts of toning and soiling to covers, top edges dust soiled, foxing on edges of text blocks; a good mixed set.

A complete set of an important international literary and artistic icon: arguably the most important and influential periodical of the Art Nouveau period.

The Yellow Book was an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to literature, art and aesthetics, published in London from 1894 to 1897. Aubrey Beardsley was the founding editor until his association with Oscar Wilde resulted in his dismissal, following Wilde’s arrest. The Yellow Book consistently featured highly important avant-garde artists and writers (Pennel, Houseman, Sickert, Beerbohm, Australian artist Charles Conder, Kenneth Grahame, W.B. Yeats, Walter Crane, Arnold Bennett, Charlotte Mew, Henry James, Edmund Goose, Richard Le Gallienne, etc. etc.) who came to typify the artistic and literary movements of the time. The publication went through a number of reprints from the late 1890s through to around 1920, which are notoriously difficult to identify.

Denny, The Yellow Book : A Selection (1949), notes: “All the volumes [of The Yellow Book] were reprinted. They were, however, not sold to the trade in the ordinary way, but were circulated by what can only be described as irregular methods and passed off as first editions. A later generation at the Bodley Head makes this painful avowal in the interests of truth.” Lasner remarks: “… it appears that since the ‘original issue’ meant to include publishers’ advertisements bound in at back, no volume without the advertisements can be a true first edition.” Lasner also notes that an edition statement has been printed on the front cover of certain subsequent issues, and remarks upon the word “April” on the front cover of Vol. I.


Bookplates of Winifred (1883-1965) and Leonard Carpenter (1880-1979), long-time residents of Oregon. Leonard Carpenter died in Carmel-by-the Sea, Monterey, California at the age of 99. Winifred also passed in Monterey, California on May 18, 1965.


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