# 33366

WINTER, Alfred (1837-1911)

Twin portraits of Trugernanner (Truganini), circa 1872.

$900.00 AUD

Albumen print photograph, carte de visite format, 63 x 105 mm (mount); recto imprinted at right margin ‘Alfred Winter / Hobart Town’; verso blank; the print has lost some contrast but is otherwise in good condition; the mount has a nick at the bottom right corner.

In the 1870s Hobart photographer Alfred Winter printed and sold portraits of William Lanne (c.1835-1869) and Trugernanner (c.1812-1876) that had been taken at Oyster Cove by Charles Woolley in 1866. Around 1872 Winter photographed Trugernanner himself and sold the resultant images commercially in different formats. In a manner that reflects the nineteenth-century obsession with anthropometry, Winter placed her profile and frontal portraits side-by-side and re-photographed them to make this carte de visite, which was probably issued around 1872. A variant example is held in the National Library of Australia’s collection.