# 20962

Photographer unknown.

Two photographic views of Malvern Downs Station, Peak Downs, Queensland, circa 1875.

$250.00 AUD

Two albumen print photographs, 145 x 195 mm and 115 x 195 mm, respectively, tipped-in recto of a nineteenth century gilt-edged album page of thick board, verso of the larger print with contemporary inscription in pencil ‘Malvern Downs / Peak Downs / Queensland’; both albumen prints with mild creasing and foxing; lower margin of page with contemporary inscription in pencil ‘Malvern Downs, Queensland’; verso of album page with two albumen prints of what appear to be English mountain landscapes.

Malvern Downs Station, located some 320 km inland from Rockhampton, was an outstation of the Gordon Downs pastoral run on the Peak Downs, one of a number of sheep runs in the region originally acquired by Gordon Sandeman in 1861, and managed for him by Oscar and Henri de Satge. When it was sold by Sandeman in 1867 the Malvern Downs run had 17,500 sheep.

The two photographs of Malvern Downs Station we offer here show two different living quarters and several other buildings. In one of the photographs we see a man – almost certainly the station manager (William Walter King?) – and his wife, seated in a buggy. The woman’s dress helps to approximately date the photographs to the mid 1870s, a dating that is supported by the fashion worn by the figures who appear in the English photographs on the reverse of the album page.