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[SIMS, Michael Leslie Thomas, 1934-12009]

Waltzing Matilda Inn : the homely pub atmosphere, draught beer, excellent meals, dice, and darts : Australian owned & managed, 9 Cornwall Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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[Kowloon, Hong Kong : Waltzing Matilda Inn, ca. 1960]. Business card, 55 x 88 mm; designed for secondary use as a drink “marker”, with a clip cut at centre and the printed message verso Please don’t touch! Gone to wee wee; light wear, but well preserved.

The NLA holds another example of this card in its collection. From the NLA catalogue entry:

‘Michael Leslie Thomas Sims (1934-2009), first came to Hong Kong from Australia in around 1950 as an 18 year old merchant seaman. In the late 1950s, Mr Sims opened the Waltzing Matilda Inn in Kowloon, Hong Kong, a shuttered bar which was at first popular with seamen, especially merchant mariners, and Vietnam-era sailors. He sold the Waltzing Matilda Inn by about 1970, but continued to run other Hong Kong businesses. He retired to Australia a few years after the death of his wife in 1996. – Adapted from obituary by Dan Kadison, “Founder of iconic Kowloon bar could spot a trend before it hit,” South China Morning Post, 24 May 2009.’

Maybe there’s some truth in the last observation: the brand of ocker humour in this business card predates Barry Humphries’ Barry McKenzie and Sir Les Patterson by quite a long way, although one could imagine both of those characters using such a card to mind their drink.