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HARDY, Dudley (1867-1922) (artist)

[WINE] Support the colonies : drink the Orion South Australian wine

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London : Sir Joseph Causton & Sons, Limited, [ca. 1896]. Broadsheet, 190 x 130 mm, lithograph printed on both sides; recto illustrated with an Art Nouveau design by British artist Dudley Hardy (1867-1922); verso with informational text re. the Government of  the Colony of South Australia’s recently established bonded depot in London, managed by E. Burney Young, which is devoted to imported vintage South Australian wines that have been granted a South Australian Government Expert’s Certificate guaranteeing their age and quality, to be sold under the brand name “Orion”; in excellent condition.

A rare and attractive ephemeral item that helps document an enterprising commercial venture undertaken by the South Australian Government and the colony’s winegrowers in the period just before Federation.

From the Adelaide Observer, 13 June 1896:

‘SOUTH AUSTRALIAN WINE IN LONDON. [From our own Correspondent.] London. May 8. The recent large shipment of wine is getting into very good order in the depot. The following extract from the Lancet of May 2 is interesting reading: — “Analytical records” from the Lancet laboratory. ‘Orion’ South Australian wines. (E. Barney Young, South Australian Government Bonded-Depot, offices, 35, Walbrook, E.C.) The steady increase in the importation of light, pure wines from our ‘big colony’ into this country is distinct evidence of their growing popularity and of a healthier demand in the direction of alcoholic beverages. Australia is at a moderate cost sending us really good wines of the excellent type of these before us, and each year sees a marked improvement in the tone and quality of the vintage. The following analyses of three samples of the ‘Orion’ brand, which have the unquestionable advantage of being certified as pure and sound by the experts of the South Australian Government, illustrate the composition of these wines and serve to bring out their really excellent qualities….’

The scientific reporter from the Lancet then goes on to review three of the Orion brand wines: a Cabernet, a Burgundy, and a Riesling, providing a detailed chemical analysis of all three – and finding that ‘The wines one and all were found to be quite free from added and objectionable preservatives’ – and giving glowing assessments of their calibre and enjoyability.