# 16621

HARDING, Richard

WOOF Series

$3,600.00 AUD

[Melbourne : the artist], 2012. Suite of eight individual pieces, inkjet prints with acrylic ink and flocked glitter on archival paper. Each signed and numbered by the artist verso. Created in an edition of 5, this is the complete set, numbered 5/5.

In this series of artworks, Harding takes covers of the newspaper magazine Good Weekend and subverts the cover images through his addition of text and imagery. The images in the series WOOF juxtapose mainstream masculine ideals, typified by the magazine covers of Good Weekend, with archetypical imagery of queer subcultures. The intentionally masked figures allude to notion of the ‘closet’ and its silencing effect on queer identity in mainstream media.

The eight images in the series are titled POOL BOY, COACH, STR8 M8, COLLEGE GUY, PLAYER, BIKIE DUDE, RACING DRIVER, and PUP.

Richard Harding is a print based artist and Senior Lecturer at the School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. Within a print based art practice Harding explores the use of printmaking’s intrinsic qualities of sameness and difference through the multiple with the merging of traditional and contemporary print methods. Harding’s visual research is informed by architectural and queer theory utilising print media, analogue and digital, as vehicles for an ongoing art practice. He has produced two-dimensional, installation, video and object based works.

Harding has been exhibiting for the past 25 years participating in solo and group exhibitions exhibitions in Australia and internationally. His work is held in public and private collections while exhibiting in various modes from public and commercial galleries, to artist run spaces and community-based environments. Harding has worked in industry based print workshops, like the Australian Print Workshop inc. as a studio supervisor, a custom printer and access artist. He has been involved with the national print organisation; Print Council of Australia as a committee member, Vice President and is currently the Secretary of the governing body.