# 11209

Chase, H. L. (attrib.) & Williams, J. J. (attrib.)

Photographs of Hawaii, 1870-1883

$4,800.00 AUD

Eleven albumen print photographs mounted recto and verso of [7] pages removed from a nineteenth century travel album, all in format 175 x 235 mm, contemporary captions in French and English in ink beneath each image, the prints attached to the leaves with the original double-sided adhesive tape at each corner, occasional foxing and mild wrinkling, but the most important image, titled Danseurs d’Hawaï (Ioane Ukeke with his troupe of hula dancers, attributed to J.J. Williams) is a strong print in fine condition; [together with] a twelfth photograph (mounted verso of a view of the Port of Honolulu), a view of the township of Russell, on the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, by Burton Bros.

The captions are as follows:

1. Honolulu vu du port. Vue sur le Pali.

2. Honolulu vu du Pali.

3. Steam ship Alameda at wharf [Alameda was built in 1883]

4. Centre d’Honolulu [taken in autumn, 1870, by H.L. Chase]

5. Royal mausoleum

6. Palace guard

7. …. from the Pali

8. Cratère Halemaʻumaʻu

9. Hawaiian Hotel

10. Danseurs d’Hawaï’ (Ioane Ukeke and his hula troupe)

11. [Hawaiian royal family]

12. Russell [Bay of Islands, New Zealand] – From Flagstaff Hill. (Burton Bros., Dunedin)