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    BARDIN, William (c.1740-1798)

    Wright’s new improved terrestrial globe,

    on which the Latitudes and Longitudes of Places are Carefully laid down, with all the New Discoveries Made by the late CAPT. COOK and other current NAVIGATORS to the Present Time. London : William Bardin, 1782. Terrestrial globe, 9 inches in diameter, engraved gores and two polar calottes with original hand colouring over papier mache …

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    JOHNSTON, W. & A. K.

    3 inch globe by W. & A. K. Johnston Limited

    Edinburgh and London : W. & A. K. Johnston Limited, [ca.1870]. Terrestrial pocket globe, 3 inches in diameter, engraved gores with original hand colour over papier-mâché and plaster sphere, the surface in fine order with a recent shellac applied for protection, two metal pins resting the globe in a fine modern turned mahogany case with …

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    CRUCHLEY, George F. (1797 - 1880)

    Cruchley’s new terrestrial globe, from the most recent authorities, exhibiting the discoveries in equatorial Africa, North Pole, and the new settlements and divisions in Australia, New Zealand, California, Texas &c.

    London : G. F. Cruchley, [ca.1862] Terrestrial globe, 12 inches in diameter, engraved gores with original hand colouring over plaster base, graduated equator and ecliptic, the oceans with an analemma, hand-engraved calibrated brass meridian ring, movable brass polar calotte, small area of restoration to the north polar axis, engraved calendrical paper horizon ring with zodiac (in …

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    LEBEQUE, Jules

    A two-and-a-half inch terrestrial pocket globe by J. Lebeque & cie., circa 1890

    [Paris] : J. L[ebeque] et cie., circa 1890. Terrestrial globe, 2 1/2 inches in diameter, engraved gores over plaster sphere, metal pins on a turned French wooden stand, original. A very good example of a rare miniature globe. The firm of Lebeque was founded in Brussels in 1814 and relocated to Paris in 1850. This …

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    Malby’s 6 inch celestial globe, collated from the works of Piazzi, Bradley, Hevelius, Meyer, La Caille & Johnson. Reduced to the Year 1850

    London : Malby & Sons, circa 1850. Celestial table globe, 6 inches in diameter, printed gores over a plaster base, brass half meridian, on original turned mahogany base. A fine example. A very rare six inch celestial table globe in fine condition, with a pictorial depiction of the constellations. The firm of Malby & Co., …

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    Rand McNally & Co.

    Rand McNally 18″ Globe

    [Chicago] : Rand McNally & Co., circa 1928. Chromolithographed paper gores over paper mache base, 18 inches in diameter, oval shaped analemma, engraved brass meridian, wooden horizon ring with paper calendar, four cross-stretchers, on the original Regency revival stand turned wood on tripod base, the legs ending with brass clawed feet A fine, handsome American …

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    Philips’ 6 inch terrestrial globe

    London : George Philip & Son, circa 1930. Terrestrial globe 6 inches in diameter, printed gores over plaster base, graduated equator band, supported on a contemporary half-meridian stand on turned wooden base, some old surface rubbing, with a recently applied varnish, a very good example. An interesting interwar terrestrial globe, showing the renamed cities of …

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    Weber and Costello Co.

    An 18 inch table globe

    Chicago, Illinois : Weber Costello, [c.1925]. Measuring 18 inches (46cm) in diameter. Terrestrial globe shows the city of Leningrad, changed from Petrograd in 1924, but noticeably lacking the state of Central Australia, which existed between 1927-1931. In bronzed cast iron meridian and stand, with sympathetic facsimile calendrical paper horizon ring, laid on wood. With an …

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    Laing’s Planetarium Orrery

    Detroit : Laing Planetarium Co., 1896. Scientific instrument (technically a tellurion or tellurium) measuring 32 cm tall and 55 cm in length when fully extended, comprising a copper-painted wooden sphere representing the sun mounted on a turned maple podium, around which oscillates a black and white painted sphere representing the planet Venus; attached to the …

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    Rand McNally & Co.

    Rand McNally & Co.‘s New Twelve Inch Terrestrial Globe

    [Chicago] : Rand McNally & Co., 1891. Chromolithographed paper gores over paper mache base, 12 inches in diameter, oval shaped analemma, alternating red and blue isothermal current lines, in original nickel-plated mount and stand. An American student’s table globe from the late nineteenth century with a good amount of geographical detail.