• # 18615

    Hōshūdō (publisher)

    五大州知恵板 (五大洲智惠板) [Godaishū Chie no Ita] (The Puzzle of the 5 Continents)

    [Tokyo] : Published by宝集堂(寳集堂) [Hōshūdō], [1873] (Meiji 6). Colour woodblock print, 660 x 820 mm, 220 x 135 mm (folded); bound in the original yellow wrappers with title slip labeled 五大洲智恵能以多; in fine condition. This map shows the outline of the major landmasses of the world. At the time, there was a school of thought …

  • # 18613

    [Sata Kaiseki, cartographer]; [Ōtomo Yoshimasa, publisher]

    釋教輿地圖(釈教輿地図) [Shakukyō Yochizu] (Buddhist World Map)

    Tokyo : 佐田介石 [Sata Kaiseki] and 大伴義正 [Ōtomo Yoshimasa], [1880] (Meiji 13). Colour woodblock print, 364 x 500 mm; old folds, small amount of worming in four places, otherwise in very good condition. A map of the world, with the major continents apart from Antarctica represented. The shapes of the landmasses are quite different from …

  • # 18832

    DINGLE, Edwin (editor)

    Index to the new map of China (In English and Chinese)

    Compiled and translated by the members of the staff of the Far Eastern Geographical Establishment. With a geographical survey of China written specially for this work. Shanghai :  Far Eastern Geographical Establishment, 1916. Third edition. Quarto, gilt-lettered cloth (small split to spine), pp. vi; 72, text in English and Chinese. Includes a geographical description of …

  • # 18714

    The China Provincial Atlas and Geography

    The provinces and outer territories of China (including the newly-formed provinces) with communications and key map, contents and index. Shanghai : the North-China Daily News and Herald Ltd., 1935. Second edition. Folio, gilt-lettered cloth, pp. 61, maps  and photographic illustrations. Includes provinces of Tibet, Manchuria, Mongolia and Sinkiang

  • # 18660

    Photographer unknown.

    Quarter plate tinted ambrotype of a boy posing beside a floor globe, and holding “Goldsmith’s Grammar of Geography”.

    [United Kingdom, between 1855 and 1860]. Ambrotype photograph with hand colouring, exposed image 98 x 73 mm (approximately quarter plate size); still sealed within the original brass mat, glass and timber frame, the ambrotype is in very good condition, with the expected amount of crazing to the backing emulsion evident in the dark sections. This late 1850s English …

  • # 18418

    APIANUS, Petrus [Peter Bienewitz] (1495-1552); GEMMA FRISIUS, Rainer (1508-1555).

    Cosmographia Petri Apiani,

    per Gemmam Frisivm apud Lovanienses medicum & mathematicum insignem, iam demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quoque locis aucta. Additis eiusdem argumenti libellis ipsius Gemmae Frisii. [Antwerp] : Vaeneunt Antuerpiae sub scuto Basiliensi, Gregorio Bontio, 1545. Quarto, (220 x 150 mm), later full vellum with manuscript title to spine, collection stamp from twentieth century private …

  • # 18737

    石川俊之(流宣) [Ishikawa Toshiyuki (Ryūsen)]

    萬國総界圖 (万国総界図) [Bankoku Sōkaizu] [Map of the Whole World]

    Edo (Tokyo), Japan : 須原屋茂兵衛 [Suharaya Mohē], [1708] (Hōei 5). Woodblock print with yellow colors added by hand, 1315 x 595mm, original covers and title slip; complete. An early Japanese map of the world. Japan is displayed in the centre of the map, which is oriented so that east [東] is at the top of the …

  • # 17306

    BARDIN, William (c.1740-1798)

    A new, accurate and compleat terrestrial globe,

    accompanying the Geographical Magazine. Originally laid down by Mr. James Ferguson, F. R. S. Improv’d by G. Wright, and made by W. Bardin, Fleet Street, London. Published as the act directs by Harrison & Co., No. 18 Paternoster Row, Augt. 1st, 1783 (cartouche). Published by G. Wright & W. Bardin Jan’y 1st 1782 (inscription at South …

  • # 18481


    [WORLD MAP] 阿蘭陀 地球図 [Oranda Chikyuzu] [lit. Holland: Image of the Earth]

    [Japan] : s.n., [produced around the Bunka period, 1804-1818]. Manuscript map of the world, ink and colour wash, 735 x 1280 mm, folding to 185 x 160 mm, on unbacked, thick paper; original blue paper wrappers with brushed title, bound in modern cloth boards; the map with numerous expert worming repairs to verso, otherwise very well preserved, …

  • # 18641

    JOUON, Rene

    Geographie de la Chine

    Jonque de Candon dans la Riviere des Peries ou Chu-kiang province de Kuang-tong. Shanghai : P. Lefebre, 1932. Third edition. Quarto, illustrated wrappers, cloth spine, a little wear and light stains, pp. vi; 82, numerous full page colour maps, map of Shanghai inside lower wrapper. Loosely enclosed, some newspaper clippings from newspapers from French Indo-China …

  • # 17444

    CLANCY, Robert

    The mapping of Terra Australis

    Sydney : Universal Press, 1995. Quarto, boards in dust jacket (sunned), pp. 192, illustrated; a very good copy. One of the standard references on collecting Australian maps.

  • # 18239

    COLTON, G. W. & C. B.

    Map showing the lines of the Columbus, Chicago, and Indiana Central Railway. And their connections

    [Cover title : Colton’s map of part of the middle and western states, showing the railroads, their stations & distances, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River]. New York : G. W. & C. B. Colton, 1868. Printed map with original hand colour, on two sheets, total measurement 49 x 175 cm, folded as issued, …

  • # 18584

    BERGHAUS, Hermann; 村田文夫 [MURATA, Fumio, translator]

    輿地新. [Yochi shinzu furoku]. [Supplement to the Map of the World].

    Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo: 勝村治右衛門 [Katsumura Jihei], 柳原喜兵衛 [Yanahara Kihei], 北畠茂兵衛 [Kitahata Mohei] et al.. 1874. Two volumes, small quarto (250 x 180 mm), Japanese 5 hole stab binding, original yellow paper covers (rubbed) and title labels; with volvelle showing the earth’s orbit, 3 double page copper engraved colour maps, and numerous black and white maps and …

  • # 17965


    Newton’s new & improved terrestrial globe containing the latest discoveries

    London : Newton & Son, circa 1840. Terrestrial globe 6 inches in diameter, handcoloured printed gores over plaster base, graduated equator band, the oceans with an analemma, supported on a contemporary stand of turned cedar with brass axis. A very good example. A fine early mid nineteenth century table globe with Antarctic detail such as the …

  • # 17968

    GILBERT, James

    Gilbert’s new map of the world, 1839

    London : F. Grattan, 1839. Folding map of the world, measures 47 x 94 cm, original hand colour, dissected and laid on linen, cloth case with paper title label. An attractive coloured world map in hemispheres, the spandrels incorporating a comparative chart of the principal mountains throughout the world; comparative charts of the principal rivers …

  • # 18140

    GILBERT, James

    Gilbert’s new map of the world, 1850

    London : J. Gilbert. Folding map of the world, measures 47 x 94 cm, original hand colour, dissected and laid on linen, a few panels lifting, a few stains. An attractive coloured world map in hemispheres, the spandrels incorporating a comparative chart of the principal mountains throughout the world; comparative charts of the principal rivers …