• # 17434

    Weber Costello

    New peerless 8 inch globe

    Chicago : Weber Costello, circa 1930. Terrestrial globe 8 inches in diameter, colour printed gores over pasteboard base, graduated equator band, ecliptic and Greenwich meridian, the oceans with an analemma, calibrated brass meridian ring, engraved calendrical paper horizon ring with zodiac laid on wood, supported on the original stand of four turned wooden legs united with cross-stretchers. …

  • # 16877


    [SWAN RIVER COLONY] The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London. Volume the first. 1831. Second edition.

    London : John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1833. Octavo, rebound in twentieth century green cloth boards with gilt lettered spine, original printed brown wrappers bound in (some creasing and stains), pp xi, 264, with 8 engraved maps and plates (some folding) at rear, including the folding map Western Australia from the latest Documents received in the Colonial …

  • # 15295

    MACROBIUS, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius (fl. circa A.D. 395-425)

    Macrobii Ambrosii Avrelii Theodosii, viri consvlaris, & illustris, In Somnium Scipionis, lib. II.

    Saturnaliorum, lib. VII. Ex uarijs, ac uetustissimis codicibus recogniti, & aucti. Uniform title: Commentarii in Somnium Scipioni. Lvgdvni [Lyon] : apvd Seb. Gryphivm, 1556. Octavo, contemporary binding dated 1560 of blind-embossed pigskin over wooden boards, two engraved metal clasps, a little rubbed but overall very good, title page with printer’s device with motto Virtute duce, …

  • # 17095

    PÉRON, François, 1775-1810; FREYCINET, Louis Claude Desaulses de, 1779-1842; LESUEUR, Charles Alexandre, 1778-1846; PETIT, Nicolas-Martin, 1777-1804

    Voyage de découvertes aux terres Australes. Exécuté par ordre de sa Majesté l’Empereur et Roi, sur les corvettes le Géographe, le Naturaliste, et la goélette le Casuarina, pendant les années 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803 et 1804.

    Rare set of the regular account of the Baudin expedition to the Terres Australes, the text volumes in publisher’s wrappers, with the plates presented in both coloured and uncoloured states. One of the most important and famous descriptions of Australia ever published, it also contains the first published complete and fully detailed map of Australia, Freycinet’s Carte …

  • # 16523

    KLINGER, J. G. (firm)

    [GLOBE] The earth.

    Published by J. G. Klinger in Nuremberg. Constructed, delineated and etched by J. A. Buhler. Nuremberg : J[ohann]. G[eorg]. Klinger, [between 1841 – 1852]. Wooden and plaster globe (6 inches in diameter), covered with 12 glazed and hand-coloured gores, fitted and spinning with metal polar axis in a circular card box, the lid provided in …

  • # 14378

    竹口瀧三郎 [Takeguchi Takisaburō]; 上村福三郎 [Uemura Fukusaburō]

    官許 新刊輿地全圖 [Kankyo shinkan yochi zenzu] [Officially Licenced New Map of the World]

    Edo (Tokyo), Japan : 萬屋兵四郎 [Yorozuya Heishirō], [1862] (Bunkyū 2). Hand coloured woodblock print, original cloth covers and paper portfolio, both with title labels (portfolio with some silverfishing and lacking left-hand flap), map with some foxing and silverfishing, repaired with Japanese tissue. A detailed map of the world on Mercator’s projection bordered by vibrantly coloured …

  • # 17482

    [BAILLARD, Marie]

    [MANUSCRIPT ATLAS] Contrées d’Europe

    A beautiful manuscript atlas of the countries of Europe, drawn by a young French woman, Marie Baillard of the ‘2e. Cours des Réligieuses Saint-Charles de Saint-Pothin’, dated ’25 Juillet 1902′. Sketchbook, oblong folio (310 x 450 mm), printed card covers (short tear lower left front), [23] leaves with entries to recto only, comprised of title page …

  • # 17306

    BARDIN, William (circa 1740 - 1798)

    A new, accurate and compleat terrestrial globe,

    accompanying the Geographical Magazine. Originally laid down by Mr. James Ferguson, F. R. S. Improv’d by G. Wright, and made by W. Bardin, Fleet Street, London. Published as the act directs by Harrison & Co., No. 18 Paternoster Row, Augt. 1st, 1783 (cartouche). Published by G. Wright & W. Bardin Jan’y 1st 1782 (inscription at South …

  • # 17301

    VISSCHER, Nicolaas (1618 - 1679)

    Orbis Terrarum tabula recens emendata et in lucem edita per N. Visscher

    [Amsterdam : Elzevir, 1663, but after 1677]. Copperplate engraving, 310 x 470 mm, early hand colouring, central crease as issued, text verso including chapter heading ‘Korte beschrijvinge van Lantschappen des Werelts’. Nicolaas Visscher’s second world map, originally issued in a bible published by Elzevir in 1663. This is the second state, with the additional text …

  • # 16833


    The early mapping of Hawai’i

    With contributions by Riley M. Moffat. London : Kegan Paul International, 1987. Folio, lettered cloth, illustrated dustjacket, pp. 160, extensively illustrated with maps, a fine copy. Includes chapters on Captain Cook and the maps of early missionaries.

  • # 17174

    INGLETON, Geoffrey C.

    Matthew Flinders : navigator and chartmaker

    Foreword by HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Guildford, Surrey [U.K.] : Genesis Publications in association with Hedley Australia, 1986. Large quarto, publisher’s green cloth boards with gilt lettering to upper board and spine, upper board with pictorial onlay of Flinders’ Investigator and Baudin’s Le Géographe, front endpapers with map, rear endpapers illustrated with …

  • # 16154

    Weber and Costello Co.

    An 18 inch table globe

    Chicago, Illinois : Weber Costello, [c.1925]. Measuring 18 inches (46cm) in diameter. Terrestrial globe shows the city of Leningrad, changed from Petrograd in 1924, but noticeably lacking the state of Central Australia, which existed between 1927-1931. In bronzed cast iron meridian and stand, with sympathetic facsimile calendrical paper horizon ring, laid on wood. With an …

  • # 14177

    阿部喜任 [Abe Yoshitō] (1805-70)

    地球萬國全圖 [Chikyū bankoku zenzu] [Map of the World]

    Edo, Japan : 丁子屋平兵衛 [Chōjiya Heibei], Kaei Era [c. 1848-54]. Hand coloured woodblock print, 640 x 660mm folding to 135 x 215 mm, original covers and title label (silverfished), map is only lightly silverfished, repaired with Japanese tissue, portion of western hemispheres stained. Showing eastern and western hemispheres, including upper panel of text by 阿部喜任 [Abe …

  • # 14199

    新發田収藏 [Shibata Shūzō], 竹口貞齋 [Takeguchi Teisai]

    新訂 坤輿略全圖 [Shintei konyo ryaku zenzu] [Newly-edited General Map of the World]

    Edo [Tokyo], Japan : 高木耕藏 [Takagi Kōzō], Kaei 5 [1852]. Hand coloured woodblock print, original covers with facsimile title label, map with some silverfishing, repaired with Japanese tissue. A pseudocylindrical projection map showing the world centred on Japan. Includes preface by written by 北海半嶋漁人 [Hokkai Hantō Ryōjin] and legend with date and publisher information. 新發田収藏 [Shibata Shūzō] …

  • # 14383

    橋爪貫一 [Hashidume Kanichi]

    銅鐫 地球萬國方圖 [Dōsen chikyū bankoku hōzu] [Map of the position of the world on the earth]

    Tokyo, Japan : 須原屋茂兵衛 [Suharaya Mohei] and 須原屋伊八 [Suharaya Ihachi], Meiji 4 [1871]. Hand coloured copper plate print, 980 x 1210 mm folding to 170 x 250 mm, with original cover and title label, lacking paper portfolio (title label silverfished, covers with some minor stains), map with silverfishing across, repaired with Japanese tissue. A map of the …

  • # 14238


    新訂 地球萬國方圖 [Shintei Chikyū bankoku hōzu] [Newly-edited Map of the World]

    [Japan] : [s.n.], Kaei 6 [1853]. Hand coloured woodblock print, 720 x 1260 mm folding to 245 x 160 mm, original papered boards and title label (rubbed), occasional strengthening with Japanese tissue along the folds. A Mercator projection map of the world, lacking publication details except for publication date shown in the legend. Inset two …

  • # 14118

    ed. 箕作省吾 [Mitsukuri Shōgo]

    新製 輿地全圖 [Shinsei yochi zenzu] [Newly-produced Map of the World]

    [Japan] : [s.n.], Kōka 1 [1844]. Scroll housed in modern box, 1365 x 347 mm, silverfishing repaired with Japanese tissure throughout. Shows eastern and western hemispheres with preface by 大槻盤溪 [Ōtsuki Bankei] (1801-78), a Confucian scholar and the instructor of the western gunnery at the Sendai Domain. Following the map is a legend written by 箕作省吾 …

  • # 16657

    Broadbent's Official Road Guides Company.

    Broadbent’s official guide, western Victoria : incorporating south east of South Australia and routes to Adelaide /​ compiled and published by Broadbent’s Official Road Guides Company. 57th year of issue

    Melbourne : Broadbent’s Official Road Guides, [1953?]. Octavo, publisher’s illustrated wrappers (light soiling and wear, corners dog-eared), 288 pp, [2] folding colour maps, illustrated, contents clean and sound. Two copies of this edition are recorded in Australian collections (National Library of Australia; State Library of Victoria).

  • # 16199

    SABIN, S.P.

    Bird’s eye view of the Suez Canal

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 212 x 115 mm (sheet), captioned and signed in the image at right ‘Bird’s eye view of the Suez Canal. S.P. Sabin’; mounted on a page removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various ships …

  • # 15931

    CLANCY, Robert

    The mapping of Terra Australis

    Sydney : Universal Press, 1995. Quarto, boards in dustjacket, pp. 192, illustrated. One of the standard references on collecting Australian maps. A near mint copy.

  • # 15838

    PÉRON, François, 1775-1810; FREYCINET, Louis Claude Desaulses de, 1779-1842; LESUEUR, Charles Alexandre, 1778-1846; PETIT, Nicolas-Martin, 1777-1804

    Voyage de découvertes aux terres Australes. Exécuté par ordre de sa Majesté l’Empereur et Roi, sur les corvettes le Géographe, le Naturaliste, et la goélette le Casuarina, pendant les années 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803 et 1804.

    Rare complete set, in contemporary bindings, of the official account of the Baudin voyage. One of the most important and famous descriptions of Australia ever published, it also contains the first published complete and fully detailed map of Australia, Freycinet’s Carte générale de la Nouvelle Hollande, along with many significant charts of the southern Australian coastline (“Terre Napoléon”), superb …

  • # 15985


    Trade card with map of Australia and illustrated cartouches, 1889

    New York : Arbuckle Bros., [copyright 1889]. Trade card, 68 x 138 mm, recto with chromolithographed design incorporating map of australia and images of kangaroo, black swan, gold miner and sheep; verso with information about Arbuckle Bros’ coffee; in very good condition. The map lists some places which today may seem obscure, but which around …

  • # 15896


    Map of part of the Morobe District, New Guinea Mandated Territory, and of the Gulf and Central Divisions, Papua.

    Compiled from the surveys and patrols of officers of the governments of both territories, with original mapping and geological data from the prospecting expeditions of J. Nason-Jones, F.G.S., F.R.G.S. Scale 1 : 253,440 or 1 inch + 4 miles. Drawn by J. Nason-Jones and the Lands Office, Port Moresby, 1933 – 1935. Printed by H. …

  • # 15620

    The ruins of Angkor, Cambodia (French Indochina)

    Saigon : Office Central du Tourisme Indochinois, 1937. Folding tourist map of Angkor, printed in colour, with a guide for the visitor. Scarce.

  • # 15651

    Map of Singapore

    With compliments of Thomas Cook & Chanrai’s, Singapore’s only exclusive air conditioned men’s shop. Singapore : Thomas Cook, c. 1950. Folding map, printed in colour, 450 x 295, guide to Singapore and advertisements verso. Fine condition.

  • # 15498

    [Administrative atlas of Vietnam]. Tập bản đồ Việt Nam. Hành chính và hình thể.

    Hà Nội : Cục đo đạc và bản đồ nhà nước, 1986. Octavo, illustrated wrappers, pp. 24, printed in colour. Atlas of Vietnam including the South China Sea, with inset maps of Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi. Scarce. Four copies located on WorldCat (all in central European collections).

  • # 15370

    Tulloch & Brown’s map of the Colony of Victoria :

    comprising part of New South Wales, the boundaries, counties, also seaport & inland townships, the gold fields with the latest discoveries, roads, tracks, &c. &c. Compiled from drawings in the Survey Office and correctly revised till 1857. Melbourne : Tulloch & Brown, 1857. Engraved map with original hand colouring (foxed), 550 x 860 mm, laid …

  • # 15720

    KENDALL, Lieut. E. N.

    Manuscript map of Deception Island, New South Shetland, Antarctica

    Manuscript map, 183 x 125 mm (image), hand coloured, a nineteenth century copy of Kendall’s map created in 1829. Deception Island, in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, was first discovered by sealers in 1820. In 1829, the British Naval Expedition to the South Atlantic made a scientific survey of the island, and Lieutenant Kendall of the HMS …

  • # 15361

    A letterpress description of the views of Sydney in 1810.

    Sydney: William Dymock, Book Arcade, 1884. Quarto, self-wrappers, pp. 6, lithographed map ‘A new plan of the settlements in New South Wales, taken by order of Government. July 20th 1810’ (unfolded and thus discoloured the right portion). Letterpress description of the Dymock facsimile of the rare 1810 John Eyre views of Sydney, originally issued with the …

  • # 15494

    The Australian Colonies.

    London, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 15 November 1853. Printed by George Cox. Engraved map with contemporary hand colouring, 408 x 695 mm, dissected and laid on linen (previous owner’s inscription), inset maps of the World and Tasmania, housed in a cloth case (a couple of stains) lettered in gilt ‘A Map of the Australian Colonies, …

  • # 15660

    Map of Australia

    London : Edward Stanford, 26 & 27 Cochspur Street, Charing Cross, [circa 1893]. Chromolithographed map, dissected and laid on linen, overall size 688 x 912 mm, housed in publisher’s cloth slipcase with printed title label, a fine copy. With the routes of many inland explorers (Sturt; Landsborough; Warburton; Giles; Tietkens etc). and inset map showing the …

  • # 15630


    General Map of Australia and Tasmania, or Van Diemen’s Land shewing the British Colonies as divided into Counties.

    Edinburgh : A. and C. Black (‘Drawn by E. Ravenstein … Lith. and printed in Colours by Schenk & McFarlane, Edinburgh’), 1857 (second edition). Map lithographed in colour, measures 960 x 1200 mm (printed surface), dissected and mounted on linen, a number of pen annotations, folded to approximately 253 x 312 mm, housed in a …

  • # 15536

    MALLET, Alain-Manesson

    Isles de Salomon

    [Paris] : [Chez Denis Thierry], [c. 1683]. Octavo leaf (209 x 131 mm) from Mallet’s Description de l’Univers, the text verso in French with two brief entries titled De la Terre de Quir and De la nouvelle Zealand. Pre-Cook map showing Portuguese and Dutch discoveries of Quiros, Mendana and Tasman, the Solomons connected to New Zealand via the …

  • # 15383

    EKLUND, R.A.

    Lahore guide map

    Lahore, West Pakistan : Public Relations Dept., [c.1950]. Colour map, sheet 530 x 450 mm, folding to 265 x 150 mm, illustrations, tourist information printed on two of the rear panels; wet stamp of Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore; in fine condition.

  • # 17168

    CRAIG, Clifford

    Notes on Tasmania

    Launceston : Foot & Playsted, 1986. Edition limited to 1000 numbered and signed copies (no. 374). Large octavo, pictorial cloth boards in dust jacket (some creasing at top edge of front panel), xvii, 324 pp, illustrated with 45 plates (some colour); a fine copy.

  • # 14778


    Betts’s Patent Portable Globe

    London : George Philip & Son Ltd., circa 1905. Original card tube with printed paper label containing a cloth globe, stitched over a collapsible metal umbrella frame, with eight colour litho printed gores (a few splits and stains). When opened the globe is: 15.3 inches (39cm) in diameter, the length of the tube is 72 …

  • # 15919


    Craven Hall, North West View

    [United Kingdom? : between 1800 and 1850]. Ink on thick paper, 360 x 510 mm, with depiction of a building (precise location unknown) captioned Craven Hall, North West View at upper left; the central portion of the sheet with detailed plan of adjoining lands; and at lower left a key to the plan, headed Contents, indicating …

  • # 14862

    MORPHY, Howard; JONES, Rhys

    Eastern Arnhem Land Aboriginals today

    Sydney : Aboriginal Arts &​ Crafts, 1978. Kit comprising the following: 2 sound cassettes, 84 colour transparency slides, map (690 x 360 mm); lacks the 48 page booklet, otherwise complete and in good condition. The only complete examples of this important educational kit recorded in Australian collections are held by AIATSIS and the National Museum of …

  • # 14691

    [GOYDER, G. W.]

    Plan of the southern portion of the province of South Australia :

    as divided into counties and hundreds, showing the most important settlements, post towns, telegraph stations, main roads, railways, &​c . Compiled from official documents in the the Office of the Surveyor General 1877. [Cover title : Atlas of principal portions of settled districts in the province of South Australia 1877 – 8]. Adelaide : Surveyor General's Office, …

  • # 14690

    CARROLL, H. S.

    The new counties, hundreds, & district atlas of South Australia and Northern Territory, 1876.

    Together with map of South Australia indicating roads, distances, relative position of counties &c., &c. Showing — All Boroughs, Post-towns, Villages, Hamlets, Road Boards, Roads, Railways, Rivers, Lakes, Creeks, Mountains, Stations, the Area of County and Station, (the Names, Occupiers, Grazing capabilities and Area of each), the Population of each Town in the Colony, Height …

  • # 14597

    STEIN, Aurel (1862 - 1943)

    Serindia. Detailed report of explorations in central Asia and westernmost China. Vol. V : Maps.

    Maps showing portions of Chinese Turkestan and Kansu from surveys made during the explorations of Sir Aurel Stein 1906 – 1908. Delhi : Mortilal Banarsidass, 1983 (first published Oxford 1921). Cloth portfolio, lettered in gilt (dusty), with title card and 94 folding maps documenting Stein's explorations in central Asia, each with cloth tab (the first …

  • # 14233

    Gourié, E.

    Manuscript map of Australia, dated 1835

    Ink and wash on paper, 350 x 455 mm (sheet); laid down on modern backing sheet; some loss along the early vertical fold line (mainly at the extremities) and in bottom left corner of sheet. A relatively early manuscript map showing Australia and Van Diemen's Land, as well as New Guinea and parts of the …

  • # 14280


    [TELEGRAPH; QUEENSLAND] Map of south-eastern Asia and Northern Australia

    : showing the districts in Annam and Tonquin which France proposes to annex and to place under a Protectorate, the portion of New Guinea proposed to be acquired by Queensland, and the districts affected by the volcanic eruptions in Java. London : Letts Son &​ Co. Ltd., 1883 [issued as a supplement to The Graphic, …

  • # 13905


    Manuscript map of Australia, circa 1840

    Pen and ink and watercolour on paper, 220 x 270 mm, sheet 245 x 350 mm; unmounted; an early pencilled inscription in the right hand margin reads: “3 or 400 miles North of Sidney, Clarence River on which is the Station Bolivia”; verso with a near contemporary newspaper cutting laid down, referring to a recent …

  • # 13755

    BELLIN, Jacques Nicholas

    Carte reduite des terres Australes

    Carte reduite des terres Australes. Gereduceerde Kaart van’t Zuid-land. [Amsterdam? : c. 1760]. Copperplate engraving, 192 x 253mm., original folds, fine. In a sympathetic frame. The scarce Dutch version of Bellin’s famous map of Australia, the projected Eastern coastline joining the charted territories of Van Diemen’s Land and Carpentaria. First published in Prevost’s voyages in …

  • # 13956

    CRUCHLEY, G[eorge] F[rederick] (1797 - 1880)

    Cruchley’s new map of the world (on Mercator’s projection),

    shewing the tracks of the principal modern navigators, and including the new discoveries by Flinders, Hall, Ross, Parry, Franklin, Clapperton, Denham, Larnder &c. London : G. F. Cruchley, c. 1834. Engraved map with original hand colouring, dissected and laid on linen, 550 x 670 mm, in original publisher's marbled paper case with printed label and …

  • # 13955

    BRUE, A. B.

    Carte physique et politique de l’Amérique méridionale

    Paris : Goujon, 1821 (revised to 1825). Engraved map with original hand colouring, dissected and lain on linen, publisher's printed label, 980 x 640 mm, in fine condition. An impressive folding map of the South American continent.  

  • # 13954

    BRUE, A. B.

    Carte physique et politique de l’Amérique septentrionale

    Paris : Goujon, 1821 (revised to 1825). Engraved map with original hand colouring, dissected and lain on linen, publisher's printed label, 640 x 960 mm, in fine condition. An impressive folding map of the North American continent. 

  • # 13738

    HERISSON, Eustache

    La mappe-monde ou le globe terrestre, représenté en deux hemisphères,

    l'un oriental l'autre occidental, où sont marquées les découvertes les plus récentes, faites par Mackenzie, Vancouver, La Pérouse, Bruce, Renell, Mungo Park, Joub [sic] Barrow, Franklin et Parry. Dressée par Hérisson, élève de Mr. Bonne / Indication des trois voyages de Cook et de celui de La Pérouse …  … À Paris : chez Basset, 1828. Copperplate engraved map with …

  • # 13769

    NOLIN, J. B.

    Carte de l’Europe

    Divisee en ses principaux etsts pour l'instruction de la jeunesse. Paris : Chez Jean, 1816. Engraved map, hand coloured, folded, housed in a papered card case, delineating European states following the Napoleonic Wars, published for the education of children, a very good example.