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    [QUEENSLAND] Little people in other lands alphabet.

    London : A. Brown & Sons, Ltd., 5, Farringdon Avenue, E.C. and at Hull and York, [between 1890 and 1900]. Complete set of 26 large format alphabet cards, each 225 x 190 mm, chromolithograph printed on thin board, each with an upper and lower case version of a letter and an illustration of a young …

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    Photographic portrait of a young girl with stick and hoop, Melbourne, circa 1870

    Albumen print photograph, carte de visite format, 103 x 63 mm, verso imprinted ‘J. Botterill, Portrait Painter and Photographer, 19 Collins Street East, Melbourne’; the albumen print is in good condition with some pale foxing; the mount is clean. A fine vignetted portrait by the talented artist-photographer John Botterill. Hoop rolling, also called hoop trundling, …

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    [PLAYING CARDS] Patience games

    / with examples played through. Illustrated with numerous diagrams. London : Thos. De La Rue & Co., 1890. First edition. Oblong quarto, original blind blocked tan cloth (bright and unrubbed), upper board and spine lettered in gilt, lower board with publisher’s device in gilt, all edges gilt, pp 216, [8] publisher’s advertisements, illustrated; contents fresh, …

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    NAPOLEON, Antonio F.

    Photographic portrait of a young girl on a rocking horse, Barcelona, circa 1875

    Albumen print photograph, carte de visite format, 106 x 62 mm (mount), verso with imprint of Antonio F. Napoleon, Barcelona; the albumen print has some mottling in the negative, but is in very good condition; the mount is fine.

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    Robin’s jig-saw story book

    London : John Leng & Co., [c1940]. Quarto, publisher’s cloth backed pictorial boards; an unusual children’s novelty book with 5 individual jigsaw puzzles bound in as the pages with accompanying text; some light handling marks, otherwise in very good condition, complete. Scarce.

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    KLINGER, J. G. (firm)

    [GLOBE] The earth.

    Published by J. G. Klinger in Nuremberg. Constructed, delineated and etched by J. A. Buhler. Nuremberg : J[ohann]. G[eorg]. Klinger, [between 1841 – 1852]. Wooden and plaster globe (6 inches in diameter), covered with 12 glazed and hand-coloured gores, fitted and spinning with metal polar axis in a circular card box, the lid provided in …

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    KLINGER, Johann Georg; MULLER, Johann Wolfgang

    Jeu de voyage des cinq parties du monde

    Also titled: Description de differens peuples remarquables des cinq parties du monde. Nüremberg : J. G. Klinger, 1805-1807. Second edition. Original box of red paper over card, 114 x 100 x 105 mm, with gilt embossed decoration, the lid lettered in gilt Jeu de voyage des cinq parties du monde (corners bumped); the box in three compartments: …

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    JOUY, E. V.

    Jeu de cartes instructif : Histoire ancienne.

    Paris : A. A. Renouard, [circa 1810]. Original box of marbled paper over thick card (lid and bottom side of box now lost), 112 x 73 x 30 mm; containing 48 numbered cards printed on thick laid paper, each 100 x 70 mm, with engraved cartouche and text recto; the cards offering a medallion woodcut …

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    Chromolithograph label for children’s puzzle Atlas Geographique

    Chromolithograph, 255 x 335 mm, printed for the lid of a box for a French set of geographical puzzles, circa 1910. The colourful design features women from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania, with similar tableau vignettes surrounding them. In one corner is a tableau of Australian wildlife, with kangaroos, a lyre bird, emu, …

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    Maker unknown

    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Jigsaw puzzles with soldiers from different eras

    [France, c 1890]. Oblong box of very thick board (370 x 250 x 35 mm, the lid with a superb, colourful paste-down illustration depicting nine types of uniformed soldier (Swiss, Belgian, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish, Romanian, Austrian, German and Spanish). The box contains three chromolithographic panels pasted onto wood and cut into jigsaw puzzles; each puzzle …

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    SAUSSINE, L. (publisher)

    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Loto des 5 parties du monde. Race humaines, productions végétales et animales

    Paris : Saussine, Edit., [circa 1890]. Box of thick card, 430 x 340 x 45 mm, the lid with superb chromolithograph illustration featuring five female figures symbolising the five regions of the world, surrounded by images of the flora and fauna of the entire world arranged by continent; the box contains twelve chromolithographed playing boards, …

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    BASSET, Paul-André (active 1785-1815)

    Jeu instructif des peuples et costumes des quatre parties du monde et des Terres Australes

    $6,000 USD Paris : Chez Basset … rue St. Jacques … 1815. Copper engraving on thick laid paper, 490 x 650 mm, a game board in the form of a spiral track comprising 63 numbered cartouches with vignette illustrations of inhabitants of all regions of the globe, including representations of the native peoples of New …

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    WALKER, John

    Walker’s geographical pastime exhibiting a complete voyage round the world in two hemispheres.

    $5,000 USD London : William Darton, 1816. Engraved map of the world on two sheets laid on linen, each dissected into 12 panels and measuring 520 x 485 mm, original hand colouring, housed in the original marbled papered box with engraved title label depicting an Englishman demonstrating the use of a globe to a native …

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    [ZEPPELIN] Das lenkbare Luftschiff : ein aktuelles Gesellschaft-Spiel

    [Berlin : Sala, c. 1910]. Box of thick card, 410 x 310 x 35 mm, the lid with chromolithographed illustration of an airship and game title in German; containing a chromolithographed playing board, 580 x 790 mm, folding to 290 x 395 mm; 6 painted pewter playing pieces in the form of airships, each approximately …

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    Zoological Misfitz: A Very Humorous and Entertaining Game

    London : C.W. Fawlkner & Co., c. 1890. Set of 24 characters, depicted on three cards each (71 cards in total, one lacking), playing card style backings 93 x 65 mm, some cards with minor staining. Housed in card box depicting the character 'An Old Sea Dog', 100mm x 202mm some loss and staining, repaired …

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    Derby day : the up-to-date racing game

    Melbourne : National Game Co., [circa 1915]. Thick board, 310 x 475 mm, folding, recto with colour printed design, in good condition with minor silverfishing on edges of game mat, wear along board edges, one top corners with minor creasing, verso with pictorial title label, maroon boards lightly rubbed.

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    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Jeu des nations

    Jarville, Nancy [France] : Imageries Réunies, n.d. [circa 1900]. Chromolithograph hand coloured in gold, sheet size 445 x 540 mm; playing instructions printed at centre, surrounded by an inner ring of maps of the most powerful European nations and an outer ring depcting theo soldiers of their various armies; illustrated cartouches at each corner of the …

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    JOUY, Victor-Joseph Etienne de

    Sixième jeu de cartes géographiques, orné de figures gravées avec soin et représentant les différens peuples de la terre dans le costume particulier à chacun d’eux; destiné à l’instruction et à l’amusement de la jeunesse des deux sexes.

    Lille : Vanackere ; Paris : H. Nicolle, [circa 1810]. Original box of marbled paper over thick card, 112 x 73 x 30 mm, with pasted-down illustrated label to front (old ink marks), containing 48 numbered cards printed on thick laid paper, each 100 x 70 mm, with engraved cartouche and text recto; the cards represent …

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    Snakes and ladders

    Melbourne : National Game Co., [c.1920]. “Copyright no. 9857”. Thick board, 370 x 370 mm, folding, recto with colour printed design (rubbed, some small sections of surface loss along the fold, corners worn), verso with pictorial title label, buff boards with mild amount of staining; small label of the Adelaide department store John Martin & …

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    Race round Australia : an instructive, educational game for two to four players.

    [Collingwood, Vic. : G.N. Raymond, c.1945]. Board game, 410 x 475 mm, folding to 410 x 238 mm, offset printed paper onlay (paper split along the fold); accompanied by the loose rules sheet (tear at top edge); outer boards (lightly marked) with pictorial paper onlay. Scarce. This educational board game, designed by Jessie Mackintosh, teaches …

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    Bangaroo : the harmless and fascinating boomerang game

    Bristol, U.K. : W.R. Powell, printer [for Bangaroo Manufacturing Co.], [c.1907]. Box, 310 x 195 x 25 mm, the lid with pictorial paper onlay, featuring a design of a bounding kangaroo signed and dated in the image at lower left 'Frank Stonelake – 07', the title in bold red and black lettering, at the foot …

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    The National football game

    Melbourne : National Game Co., [c.1920]. Board game, 360 x 360 mm, folding to 360 x 180 mm, recto with colour printed design representing an Australian Rules Football match in progress in a large stadium with grandstands filled with supporters (probably a depiction of the MCG, with artistic license), the legend “Our Great Game!” in …

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    Maker unknown.

    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Le tour du monde en automobile

    / Jeu de voyages a travers le monde : instructif & amusant. Paris : [Les Jeux et Jouets Francais], [c.1910]. Folding game board, 570 x 870 mm, recto with dissected chromolithographic map of the world with cartouche illustrations at each corner, a round the world race game for the newly invented mode of transport, the …

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    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Nouveau casse-tête chinois

    Paris : “M.D.” [Mauclair-Dacier], [c.1910]. Box of decorative card, 130 x 80 x 30 mm, pictorial printed label to top of lid (lacking one side of lid), containing 36 numbered playing cards printed one side only, each with an anagram of a French word of nine letters, with subjects such as  figures from Classical mythology …

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    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Pigeon courrier.

    Paris : “J.L.” [Delhaye Frères], [c.1900]. Box of red card, 130 x 200 mm, superb pictorial printed label to top of lid depicting courier pigeons flying over the ocean (sides of lid with short splits), containing folding playing board with beautiful chromolithographed design, 240 x 380 mm, and loose sheet with printed instructions; a race …

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    D. & W. Gibbs, Ltd.

    [BOARD GAME] The Ivory Castle Game

    [London, U.K. ?] : s.n. [but produced for D & W Gibbs Ltd, Wapping, London E1, and distributed in Australia by W.A. Blake Pty. Ltd., South Melbourne], [1935]. Folding card, 350 x 460 mm opened, inner surfaces with colour game graphic (mild toning and foxing and some creasing to edges), rear boards with printed rules, game …

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    AUTRY, Gene (1907-1998); Whitman Publishing Company, Inc.

    [CUT OUT DOLLS] Jimmy and Jane visit Gene Autry at Melody Ranch

    [U.S.A.] : Whitman Publishing Company, Inc., 1951. Cut out paper dolls; various sizes up to 250 mm; an apparently complete set of 'a product made in association with Flying A’s television series, The Gene Autry Show, 1950-1956' (publishing information courtesy of the Autry National Center); horizontal crease to Autry's face and some minor creasing to …

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    SAUSSINE, L. (publisher); SCHERER, L. (illustrator); JANNIN, H. (lithographer)

    [CHILDREN’S GAME] The learned swallow : géographical game.

    Chromolithograph, 215 x 260 mm, depicting a drawing room scene with children dressed in traditional costumes from around the world playing a geographical game with their parents. Fine. This chromolithograph was originally designed for use as the graphic on the box lid of a children's game, but never used. The game was the English version …

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    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Atlas géographique

    [Paris] : S[imonin] C[uny], n.d. [circa 1900]. Box of thick card (380 x 278 x 55 mm), the lid with a striking chromolithograph illustration showing a lady in Classical dress perusing an atlas, scientific and teaching instruments at her feet, a terrestrial globe at the centre, five vignettes of figures representing the five continents, the …

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    MAUCLER, Lucien

    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Les crochets endiablés : nouveau jeu de puces

    [The infernal hooks : new game of tiddlywinks]. Paris : Mauclair-Dacier [Lucien Maucler], n.d. [circa 1903]. Box of thick blue card, the lid with colourful paste-down illustration (edges of lid split), contents complete including a target card with brass hooks affixed to a paste-down chromolithograph numbered for scoring, and brass rings for the players to …

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    Maker unknown

    [CHILDREN’S GAME] Jigsaw puzzles with children’s scenes

    [France, c 1890]. Oblong box of very thick board (345 x 258 x 45 mm), the lid with a superb, colourful paste-down illustration depicting children and families at the zoo, with camel and elephant rides and an ostrich-drawn carriage. The box contains four chromolithographic scenes pasted onto wood and cut into jigsaw puzzles; each puzzle …

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    [CHILDREN’S GAME].  Historical Pastime or a New Game of the History of England [1803]

    Historical Pastime or a New Game of the History of England from the Conquest to the Accession of George the Third. London : Harris & Wallis, 1803. Engraved board game, dissected and laid on linen, depicting major events in British history, including the War with America and the South Sea Bubble. Lacking the case and …

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    Oceanie et Australie cinquieme partie du monde

    Paris : Bouasse-Lebel, [c 1860]. Engraved map, 31 x 43cm, with hand colouring, laid on wood and dissected to form a jigsaw puzzle, original backing paper, a few stains, complete. A charming puzzle map of Oceania. The maps were usually unbound sheets from an atlas.