New Acquisitions

Welcome to our New Acquisitions list for October 2017.

Highlights include a copy of the first edition of Pelsaert’s account of the wreck of the Batavia (Amsterdam, 1647), a legendary rarity which is the first book on Australia and which also contains the first European images of Australia; Rev. Ralph Mansfield’s copy of Busby’s A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine (Sydney, 1825), presented to him by none other than the book’s printer, Robert Howe – perhaps the “ultimate” copy of what is the first Australian book on wine; a rare copy of the elusive Leon Gellert and Norman Lindsay collaboration, The Isle of San (Sydney, 1922); a superb example of the beautiful leporello Album of the Kings and Queens of Victoria (Melbourne, c.1880), with portraits of Victorian Aborigines taken from photographs by Kruger; a child’s diary chronicling a visit to Barambah Station (later the Aboriginal mission at Cherbourg) in southeast Queensland in 1891, which includes photographs taken with a very early private camera; a Tahitian-English dictionary published by the LMS in Tahiti in 1851 – the first complete dictionary of the Tahitian language to be compiled; a copy of Kerr’s Melbourne Almanac for 1842; and a scarcely recorded book printed by the Dutch on Dejima, the trading post in Nagasaki harbour, in 1862 (a guide to medicine written for the Imperial Japanese Medical School).

Happy browsing!