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    EDWARDS, Mary [aka EDWELL-BURKE, Mary] (1894-1988)

    Silk shawl with parrot design.

    [Sydney, NSW : Mary Edwards, aka Mary Edwell-Burke, 1926]. Hand-painted silk shawl, 201 x 190 cm, with long silk tassels extending on all sides. Signed Mary M. Edwards and dated 1926. A stunning Art Deco painted textile by a gifted but little-known Sydney woman artist. Exhibited: Bush curiozities : flora and fauna in art and …

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    LORING, Josiah (1775 - c. 1840)

    Loring’s nine and half inch terrestrial globe.

    Boston : Josiah Loring, circa 1845. Drawn and engraved by W, B. Annin. Terrestrial globe, 9 1/2 inches in diameter, engraved gores and two polar calottes with original hand colouring over papier mache base, graduated equator, ecliptic and date line meridian, the oceans with an analemma showing the delineation of the sun for every day …

  • # 43091

    [Maker unknown]

    Folding entomologist’s microscope.

    [Probably English, c.1840]. Folding microscope, 110 mm (handle to lens), consisting of a slotted brass supporting arm, 110 mm spiked forceps, dual lens microscope, with turned bone handle; a knurled brass knob acts as a forceps holder, and allows for positioning; the lens can be rotated to configure different magnification powers; housed in the original …

  • # 43543

    Maker unknown.

    A Batak shaman’s calendar, “porhalaan”.

    [Northern Sumatra, twentieth century]. Comprised of twelve bamboo slats incised with Batak script, suspended by twine from a bone finial incised with shamanic symbols; dimensions 180 x 110 mm; intact, darkened patina overall. A Batak datu or shaman’s calendar, “porhalaan”, used not for determining the date but rather auspicious times for rituals. Each of the …

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    [CALCULATING DEVICE]. Cercle calculateur mobile.

    … par V. Michaut Delacroix de Châtillon (Côte d’Or). Paris : Lith. de Paul Dupont et Cie., 1840. Printed card, 275 mm in diameter, wooden handle 290 mm in length, mounted in the centre to rotate; one side calculates rates of interest for wages, calculated at 6% from one day to 360 days; the other …

  • # 40253

    JOHNSTON, W. & A. K.

    18-inch terrestrial globe

    London and Chicago : W. & A. K. Johnston for Hammett, circa 1910. Measuring 18 inches (46cm) in diameter, 45 inches (115 cm) tall; in bronzed cast iron meridian and stand, with calendrical paper horizon ring, laid on wood; with an analemma and two polar calottes. Standing in bronzed cast iron tripod stand with glass …

  • # 41675


    St. Joseph’s Society for Foreign Missions collection box, circa 1930.

    [Mill Hill, London : The Society, ca. 1930]. Wooden box, 160 x 115 x 70 mm, with chromolithographic labels on the top and four sides; the label on the top of the box is worded ‘St. Joseph’s Society for Foreign Missions’, with another label added at a later date reading ‘and the Association for the Propagation …

  • # 40323

    JOHNSTON, W. & A. K.

    3 inch globe by W. & A. K. Johnston Limited

    Edinburgh and London : W. & A. K. Johnston Limited, [ca.1870]. Terrestrial pocket globe, 3 inches in diameter, engraved gores with original hand colour over papier-mâché and plaster sphere, the surface in fine order with a recent shellac applied for protection, two metal pins resting the globe in a fine modern turned mahogany case with …

  • # 41659

    BARDIN, William (c.1740-1798)

    Wright’s new improved terrestrial globe,

    on which the Latitudes and Longitudes of Places are Carefully laid down, with all the New Discoveries Made by the late CAPT. COOK and other current NAVIGATORS to the Present Time. London : William Bardin, 1782. Terrestrial globe, 9 inches in diameter, engraved gores and two polar calottes with original hand colouring over papier mache …

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    A set of English Regency library or bedroom steps

    65 cms tall, 40 cms wide, 62 cms deep, mahogany with elaborate decorative inlay, leather steps, two fitted drawers with original paper lining, brass handles.

  • # 40425

    EVANS, Jane (attributed)

    Keepsake in the form of a needlework sampler bookmark, commemorating the birth of John Evans at Round Mountain, near Rylstone, Central West New South Wales, on 17 June 1878.

    Needlework sampler bookmark, 105 x 65 mm; very well preserved. The text reads: ‘John Evans / Born / June 17th 1878 / Round Mountain / Sweet copy far more dear to me / Than all the living forms could be. / Save him who placed thee next my Heart‘; [together with] another sampler bookmark, sewn …

  • # 41036


    A Regency folding card table circa 1835

    Mahogany with Macassar ebony, inlaid decoration on a splay quatrefoil pedestal base, recent felt baize (lightly stained), measuring 72cm high, 91cm wide, and 46 cm deep, a few light scratches. A handsome Regency, practically useful closed or open for a number of purposes,  

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    CRUCHLEY, George F. (1797 - 1880)

    Cruchley’s new terrestrial globe, from the most recent authorities, exhibiting the discoveries in equatorial Africa, North Pole, and the new settlements and divisions in Australia, New Zealand, California, Texas &c.

    London : G. F. Cruchley, [ca.1862] Terrestrial globe, 12 inches in diameter, engraved gores with original hand colouring over plaster base, graduated equator and ecliptic, the oceans with an analemma, hand-engraved calibrated brass meridian ring, movable brass polar calotte, small area of restoration to the north polar axis, engraved calendrical paper horizon ring with zodiac (in …

  • # 40252


    A George III mahogany tilt-top circular wine table, circa 1760

    Measures 72 cms tall, 69 cms diameter, crafted from deep-toned mahogany, the pedestal above a tripod base with spreading pad feet. A useful piece of Georgian furniture in good condition.

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    BOULTER, Daniel (1740-1802); BOULTER, Joseph (1743-1819); BOULTER, John (1745-1816)

    Copper halfpenny token for Daniel Boulter’s ‘Exhibition of natural and artificial curiosities’, Yarmouth, Norfolk, 1796.

    Yarmouth : Joseph, Daniel and John Boulter, 1796. Æ halfpenny, diameter 29.8 mm. Obverse: A female seated holding a scroll inscribed BOULTER’S EXHIBITION OF NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL CURIOSITIES. In ex. YARMOUTH in a straight line. Reverse: Three figures symbolising Asia, Africa and America presenting various curiosities to Britannia, who is recording them in a book. …

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    Maker unknown.

    A unique handmade Asian conical hat constructed from Turf Virginia cigarette packets. Australia, between 1930 and 1945.

    A conical hat (also known as a rice hat), 42 cm in diameter, constructed using a total of 183 individual Turf Virginia cigarette packets, with four tiers of meticulously arranged overlapping sections – reminiscent of plate armour – entirely hand-stitched with fine twine (no tape or glue was used!); the hat is surmounted by a …