‘In the beginning …’ : the first leaf of scripture from the Coverdale Bible, the first Bible in English.

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The Wendy Calendar by Arthur Rackham

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GRASSET DE SAINT-SAUVEUR, Jacques (1757 - 1810)

Tableau des decouvertes du Capne. Cook & de la Perouse

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SAN MARTIN, Manuel (photographer); PERRY, CUTBILL, DE LUNGO & CO. (commissioners)

[NEW AUSTRALIA] Vistas del Paraguay.

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YAU, John; GIMBLETT, Max; HINES, Tobin

Double-headed creature features

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Lead, tin & antimony. A specimen of types held in cases or cast fresh at the Greenboathouse Press.

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LONEY, Alan (1940 - )

Orpheus the stutterer : a poetics of silence

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LONEY, Alan (1940 - ); GIMBLETT, Max (1935 - )

Mondrian’s flowers

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ROBBINS, Rossell Hope

The encyclopaedia of witchcraft and demonology. (From the library of Anne Rice)

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TYNDALE, William

Tyndale’s New Testament. (From the library of Anne Rice)

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In the shadow of the temple : Jewish influences on early Christianity. (From the library of Anne Rice)

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BROWN, Raymond E.

The birth of the Messiah. (From the library of Anne Rice)

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