# 36810

EVANS, Joyce (1929 - 2019)

Image 384. Portfolio ’81

$1,650.00 AUD

[Melbourne] : Church Street Photographic Centre, 1981. Black clamshell box, 475 x 380 mm, containing text sheet and eight original photographs mounted on cards, each signed by the photographer, one numbered in an edition of 14, suggesting that 14 portfolios were made. The photographers are Philip Cordinglry, Robin Ernest Blume, Paul G. Frijlink, Chris Hughes, John McHutchison, Bernie O’Regan, Edward Schambre and Sandra Vitolins.

In 1976 Evans opened Church Street Photographic Centre, a specialist photography gallery and bookshop in Church Street, Melbourne. The gallery ran until 1982, and was integral to the revival of photography as an art form in Melbourne, exhibiting many important shows of Australian and international photography. This rare portfolio was created by Joyce Evans with her stable of artists as a memento of their times together. 

‘Image 384 was constituted in 1979 in order to enable photographers to enjoy the benefits of mutually pooled knowledge and resources and assist the individual members to develop their ideas and abilities to supportive mutual inter-action. Over the years we have had stimulating guest speakers and workshops. We have shown our work to each other for criticism and advice. Image 384 has been the means by which we have shared some of the valuable things of life, friendships, ideas and perhaps most importantly, helped to increase our visual vocabulary. The sharing of experience is the idea which binds us, the members of Image 384 together and which is the purpose of this portfolio. This very personal portfolio, produced by the members of Image 384 for themselves and their friends, stands as a testament to co-operative work. Each photograph is an expression of an individual experience in life and photography. As a founding member of Image 384 I a pleased to write this foreword to this portfolio and I am sure in the years to come it will be a reminder of many valuable evenings spent together’. – Joyce Evans, Director, Church Street Photographic Centre.

Unrecorded in Australian collections.