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Malby’s 6 inch celestial globe, collated from the works of Piazzi, Bradley, Hevelius, Meyer, La Caille & Johnson. Reduced to the Year 1850

$6,600.00 AUD

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London : Malby & Sons, circa 1850. Celestial table globe, 6 inches in diameter, printed gores over a plaster base, brass half meridian, on original turned mahogany base. A fine example.

A very rare six inch celestial table globe in fine condition, with a pictorial depiction of the constellations.

The firm of Malby & Co., was started by Thomas Malby Senior around 1839 in Houghton Street, London. The firm later passed to his son, Thomas Malby Junior, with most (if not all) their globes engraved by Charles Malby, his precise relationship to Thomas Malby unclear. Malby published globes of 2, 12, and 18 inches, and in 1849 reissued Addison’s 92cm terrestrial globe, the largest English globe published in the nineteenth century. Malby’s earlier globes drew from maps from the Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK), from the 1860s, Malby’s cartography was sourced from Edward Stanford.


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