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FIFE, Kirsty

Move under yr own power. Interviews with women and queers making DIY music

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[Leeds] : Kirsty Fife, 2016. Octavo, illustrated self-wrappers, pp. 72, illustrated.

Move Under Yr Own Power, a zine about women and queers making DIY music in the UK. The zine is 72pp, black and white riso printed, A5 with a rad centrefold illustration. It’s mainly interviews and an introduction. The zine comes with a link to download a folder with a song from each of the featured bands, so BASICALLY IT’S WELL GOOD VALUE.

There’s a podcast which goes with the zine, so you can listen to all of the bands featured! Listen online here: https://www.mixcloud.com/kirsty-fife/move-under-yr-own-power-1/

The bands/musicians featured are:
Screaming Toenail
Katy, Es/Ponyboy/Gloss Rejection
The Potentials
Fight Rosa Fight
Georgina, Woolf/Dregs
Teenage Caveman
Suggested Friends
Sophie, Woolf/SCORE/Ponyboy/Dead Mans Float/Roseanne Barr
Andrew, Shopping/As Ondas
Jesus and His Judgemental Father
Cat Smell
Camp Shy
Personal Best
Charla Fantasma
Nicol, Frozy/Palomica/The Nervy Betters
Homosexual Death Drive
The Wharves
Exit Earth
The Nervy Betters
Wolf Girl
Ellie, Milk Crimes/Craig David Revival
The Spook School
Giant Burger’

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art http://balticplus.uk/move-under-yr-own-power-interviews-with-women-and-queers-making-diy-music-c35973/