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CRUCHLEY, G[eorge] F[rederick] (1797 - 1880)

Cruchley’s new map of the world (on Mercator’s projection),

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shewing the tracks of the principal modern navigators, and including the new discoveries by Flinders, Hall, Ross, Parry, Franklin, Clapperton, Denham, Larnder &c. London : G. F. Cruchley, c. 1834.

Engraved map with original hand colouring, dissected and laid on linen, 550 x 670 mm, in original publisher’s marbled paper case with printed label and publisher’s catalogue, a couple of small stains else fine condition. A detailed world map concentrating on important seafaring expeditions, including the three voyages of Cook, the circumnavigation of Flinders, the voyages of La Perouse, Vancouver, Furneaux, Ross, Phipps, Clerke, etc. Cruchley founded his business in Oxford Street around 1823 and moved to 38 Ludgate Hill in 1833. From 1834 his maps bear the imprint ’81, Fleet Street’ (as here), and thus from the note in the imprint on both map and case indicating Cruchley has recently moved, we can ascribe a date of circa 1834.


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