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HILLERSBERG, Lars; SVEDBERG, Lena; DE GEER, Carl Johan, et al.

Puss. (Complete set, plus prospectus)

$3,300.00 AUD

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Stockholm : Puss, 1968-1973. A complete set of twenty-five issues; number 1 (January 1968) – number 24, (1973), plus the unnumbered issue and the rare prospectus which advertises the Puss preview presented at the Konsthall, 2-14 December 1967. Quarto (nos. 1-21 and the unnumbered issue, as well as the 4-page prospectus) and folio (nos 22-24); stapled; all issues illustrated with original artwork in the form of satirical cartoons and photographic collages; a scarce complete set in uniformly fine condition; housed in a striking custom made archival box adorned with the Puss logo – a pair of red lips.

Puss (in English, Kiss) was a Swedish counterculture magazine published between 1968 and 1973. It was the mouthpiece (quite literally) of a group of Stockholm-based underground artists, including Lars Hillersberg, Ulf Rahmberg, Lena Svedberg, Carl Johan De Geer, and Leif Katz. In many ways its non-partisan, anarchistic political satire – much of it aimed at American institutions – and distinctive artwork made the magazine the Swedish equivalent of its contemporaries Oz (Australia and U.K.), The Realist (USA), and L’Enragé (France). Initially a monthly publication, later issues became increasingly sporadic.