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Santa Claus and the shadow

$400.00 AUD

Sydney : S. T. Leigh & Co., circa 1892. Quarto, lithographed papered boards, lithographed title page (reproducing the cover). pp. 69, text in sepia with border rule, a fine copy.

A collection of Christmas stories for children by  ‘Miss B..M. Hudspeth, of Hobart, a lady who has already favourably established her name as an acceptable contributor to current Australian literature. The work contains fifteen short stories, into each of which the
authoress has imparted a vigour which claims the attention of the readers young and old. Miss Hudspeth is at her best in passages embodying a vein of that homely pathos which never fails to touch the heart, for the impress of the natural is stamped upon it. She also possesses the somewhat rare faculty in a writer of telling a story effectively without a preponderance of that descriptive element which, as a rule, tends towards the wearisome …’. The Tasmanian, Launceston, 28 November 1891, pp. 29-30.

Scarce in the trade, no copies on Rare Book Hub, six copies in Australian libraries.

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