# 41238

ANDREW, Brook (curator)


$220.00 AUD

Curated by Brook Andrew. Sydney : Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 2013. Octavo, cards in plastic dustjacket, pp. 175, illustrated. Printed in an edition of 750 copies. Scarce.

‘Published on the occasion of the exhibition curated by Brook Andrew at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, this book presents challenging encounters with a range of artists, both Australian and international, who respond to issues surrounding race, ethnicity, politics and religion. The purposeful breaking of taboos — crossing the line wherever society forbids it — is a recurrent impetus for great works of literature and art, and it is the role of artists to precipitate such breaches. With texts by Marcia Langton, Brook Andrew, Fiona McGregor, David Elliott, and others, plus diverse works by artists like Anton Kannemeyer, Maria Kozic, Ken Reinhard and many more.’

Contents :

Director’s forward / Elizabeth Ann Macgregor Rules are meant to be broken / Marcia Langton Taboo installation images Vitrines / Brook Andrew Taboo: dirty and pretty at the same time / Brook Andrew Further artist images / Alfredo Jaar [and others] Taboo / Jenny Munro Taboo or not to be … / Namila Benson Lost my job / Jimmie Durham Control through fear / David Elliott Taboo in Java / Alia Swastika I’m tempted to say that taboos do not exist / Anthony Gardner A misunderstanding / Deborah Kelly Wilfully stepping on the cracks / Jay Gregory Northern dancers / Gerald McMaster Blood / Fiona McGregor Maintain / Khaled Sabsabi And just because you went to Thahapul. N and it started to rain / John van Sturmer.